5 Ways to Avoid Running Related Injuries

By |February 2nd, 2017|

For runners, overall goals may involve speed, distance, race participation, or even beginning a running regimen for the very first time. Regardless of your running-related goals, be sure to spend some time in ensuring that an injury doesn’t knock you out of the running before you even get started properly.

Here are 5 Ways to Avoid […]

9 Health Tips as the Weather Cools Off

By |September 27th, 2016|

As the heat of the summer begins to fade, it is time to start preparing for the cooler weather. Do not let the healthy progress you made during the summer fade with the heat. These healthy tips are designed to help you stay in shape as the weather cools off for the rest of the […]

MedXM to attend RISE 10th Annual Nashville Summit

By |March 15th, 2016|

Nashville,TN | March 20-22, 2016
Santa Ana, CA: Mobile Medical Examination Inc. “MedXM,” a national leader in the design and implementation of preventive care technology and in-home health risk assessments, announced today it will be attending the 10th annual RISE Nashville Summit in Nashville, Tennessee from March 20-22nd, 2016.
“Featuring an expanded agenda and record-breaking attendance, RISE […]

MedXM Opens Additional Retail Clinic in Pomona, CA

By |January 21st, 2016|

MedXM Opens Additional Retail Clinic in Pomona, CA
Health Plan Members Have Multiple Options for Access to High Quality Health Care

Santa Ana, CA: As a part of MedXM’s vision to remove barriers to quality healthcare, MedXM is pleased to announce the addition of a MedXM Retail Clinic located in Pomona, CA. The space will house 2 […]

8 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

By |November 19th, 2015|

One of the most difficult times of the year for those trying to lose or maintain weight is the holiday season. Don’t let the holidays be your excuse to quit your healthy habits. You’ll be happy you did when you avoid the seasonal weight gain.

1. Eat Breakfast

Control your appetite at your Thanksgiving feast by eating […]

Which Flu Vaccination is Best for You?

By |September 21st, 2015|

Winter is quickly approaching and we have many things to be excited for. You can sip on hot chocolate, go out into the snow, and celebrate the holidays with your family. But there is one part of the winter season that isn’t as heartwarming, the Influenza virus.

The Influenza Virus, or simply the Flu, is […]

7 Strength Exercises for Seniors

By |August 14th, 2015|

Are you finding it hard to move around these days?

It’s important to stay active, no matter how hard it may seem.

By working on your strength, you can help maintain your mobility and prevent falls.

Before you begin to exercise, be sure to speak with your doctor to make sure it is safe to workout. Do […]

6 Tips to Reduce Cancer Risk

By |July 8th, 2015|

As we age, we become increasingly susceptible to all forms of cancer. Cancer cells grow in response to abnormalities in the body, which become much more common in our later years due to a reduction of healthy habits.

Follow these 6 tips to minimize your risk of cancer and live a healthier lifestyle:

1. Eat Healthy
Studies have shown […]

Top 5 Healthy Desserts

By |April 13th, 2015|

The Best Healthy Desserts


1) “Nice Cream”

Nice cream will have you wondering why you ever bought ice cream in the first place. As easy as 1-2-3 you can enjoy a delicious frosty treat and not fear the scale the next morning.

What you’ll need:

Soy, Almond, or Coconut Milk
Peanut or Almond Butter (optional)
Coconut Sugar (optional)

What to Do:

Freeze the […]